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Well, you can do what we did to my wife (she was my finacee at the time). About 4 years ago at the annual turkey shoot my brother has, I was unfortunately in a cast and walking boot so I couldn't play. My wife stepped up and wanted to play and I was most proud of her. Unfortunately it was really cold and spitting snow so they only played a few games. This was her first time playing and she really didn't shoot anyone or get shot. So at the end of the game she asked me if I would shoot her so she could feel what it felt like! I stepped up and tried to shoot her, but I didn't have enough air in the tank to get the ball more than 10 feet. (She was at 20' and moving ever so slowly further out ) So I let my bro shoot her in the butt at around 30 feet! I mean, what are brothers for! She said it stung just a bit, but it wasn't that bad.

I would suggest going in the backyard and getting a good 25' or more away from each other and let him shoot your first. Let him get the idea of hitting some one. Then (to make it fair) you get to shoot him at the same distance. This is a cheesey, but effective way to get that initial shot over with. And of course be nice, shoot him somewhere on his body like the arm/butt/leg so it won't be as bad.
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