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Originally Posted by greenmtnphantom View Post
I have a old nelson, bought it heavily modified, and it came with a bunch of extra parts. Problem is the extra parts are pretty beat up some rust etc. how can I clean them up so that they are at least usable any ideas?
This would depend on if it was surface rust or deep rust that pitted the metal and what part it was. For example:
Outside of body - in either case you could just sand it down(I prefer Scotchbrite but sandpaper or sand/bead blasting will work)
Internals or inside of body - surface rust just sand it off and polish the parts.
Internals/inside of body - "deep rust" it would just depend on the part if you can correct it or not. In some cases you could sane it down and polish it and it would still work in others the "pits" would cause friction and in turn either case the gun not to work properly or damage other parts.
Inside of barrel - Pitted you can hone it out to remove the pits or have it over-bored by an machine shop/airsmith and have it sleeved.
Hope this helps.

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