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Question My new cocker. Teach me everything!

Well, the title pretty much explains it. I just got this from Interceptor. I've always loved the look of the *older* snipers/cockers/etc. and thought one day if I ever found one in need of care for cheap, i'd pick it up. Along comes this little girl. Serial number 24923. Seems to me to be stock except for a Hydra venturi bolt and one of the pneumatics hoses. From what I can tell by just studying it, I know for a fact that there seems to be some set screws missing from the rod that goes to the trigger from the 3-way. That shouldn't be hard to fix. Anything else that may be wrong is a mystery. In Interceptors original ad, he noted that the "LP reg leaks"; whatever that means...

What I want to know is pretty much anything and everything. Like, to the point of i dont even know what exactly this is. (sniper II? autococker? i'm not at all familiar with wgp's line) I'd really like to know what year its from too if there is a way to tell by the serial#. I want to know what the optimum way to run this is (bottom line? bottle right in the asa? c02? hydrogen? radon?) It came with a no-name expantion chamber that went into a taso bottom line. Anthing else that I might want to ever know, throw it at me. I'm a beginner, I don't intend to stay there forever. Especially with these damn pneumatics... And one more thing, I want to buy a shroud. This didn't come with one so if anyone has a spare lying around, pm me and I can paypal you.

And I thank you all in advance!
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