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My echo 20/20s have been worn pretty hard.
I rarely seem to have trouble with fogging and I usually leave the fan turned off since the buzzing is too loud.
I had a pair of 20/20s with a hard mask and the fan got really quiet once I took it apart and made sure any plastic burs were plucked off the parts, and replaced the battery. After that I lost the hard bottom ones, and picked up the new pair with soft mask.

So far this new pair would be near perfect if I just tinker with the fan like I did with my last pair. but I've been a bit lazy.
One thing I liked about the soft bottoms is they seem to bounce more shots.
The down side is the tinted lenses mean I need to pull out my spare JT's for night play.
Shoot first, check armband tape later.

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Anyone who thinks they can out-birddog a birdog, regardless of weather conditions, is just stupid.
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