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Here are some photos> i did not compleatly dissassemble the gun this time around as I dont have the time at the moment.

First up the left side of the gun, Note the barrel/magazine baracing and how it has 3 sets of tack or spot welds (hince "3 tack")

Next the muzzle of the gun. Note the barcing again and the shrp edge of the barrel bore, newer examples of sleveless nelspots have more of a rounded edge. Also the cap/plug has "E12" molded into it

The next three pictures are of the hand fit/ground frame. Note the flat spot (higlighted in second photo) Also note the end of the bolt as it is very uniform in shape

Next is the sticker inside the left grip

Next up is the Serial number, its hard to see but is near the bottom left hand corner. Also note the 3 piece enerjet changer as found on most all forestry models (ring, threaded, smaller than normal, shaft, and enerjet cup that swivles )

Next is the molded "wedge" on the side of the frame

Next is the top tube (magazine) note the lack of stampings of any kind as found on later models

Next is the rear frame screw, note how the threading is exactly as long as in need be. Also note (not visable) that this is a flat head screw, rather that a phillips as on later models

NExt up is a veiw of the grip frame adaptor/rail. Note the lack of the second screw that is found on later models. Also note the lack of the "keyhole" ( the keyhole was added when the 12 gram peirce pin was changed to the "cup" version, all forestry modles will have the "pin" verson as does this model)
Second photo is a veiw of the "pin" and sear

Fianly, the patent number, which is smaller than later models
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