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Originally Posted by Al Ray View Post
I have the second oldest "nelspot" (not a 007, but prety much identical, and the age thing is debateable) known to survive. Its one of three "3 tack" nelsons known to exist, however there were at least 235~ 3 tacks origionaly. Its circa 1974 1975, and has what I belive to be a serial number. Its hard to tell if it is in fact a serial number but out of the three 3 tacks only two have an origional frame and those two have differant nubers in the same place (mine is SN 235, the other is IIRC SN 214) which leaves the other explanations for the number looking pretty slim. The frame is also hand ground (powerline frame)to fit at the rear, this leaves the frame rounded rather than square as on later models. There is one other nelsopt (non 3 tack forestry model) that has what might be a hand ground frame, but due to the historical significance of the gun, the owner did not want to remove the right grip to check for the stamped number, and could not tell if the frame was hand fit or not. Other than the Serial Number and the patent number, there are no stampings on these guns. The only referance to Nelson is the Nelson logo on the grip and a sticker under the grip that reads "The Nelson Paint Co. Iron Mountain, Mich. 49801" There are a bunch of littel diferences on the 3 tacks, VS other nelsons. I used to detailed photographs of these on the old site in my gallery, but those were lost with the crash, I'll have to carefully dissasembel and re document the gun again for everone. So yes there are "007s" that are not technicly 007s

My 007 has a number stamped into the grip frame also, number 175, but has the stamped tube with NELSPOT "007" R..i can post pics if anyone wants, but i don't have any reason to beleive mine is anything special, though one thing that interested me is that my grip also looks to be hand ground, its rounded at least
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