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New Pilot ACS owner

Put in a lowball bid on the 'bay for a red and black Pilot ACS and ended up winning. So now I'm a Pilot owner.

It wasn't all just luck though. When looking at the Pilot in the stores and feeling the balance with a 12 oz CO2 bottle I was amazed at how it balanced right on the handle. Figured that it had to be nice in the heat of battle. But I'm just a newbie so I passed on it until I saw the one on the 'Bay for cheap and figured "why not?".

Backyard testing on CO2 tells me that at the very least I need an anti syphon tank and preferably an air tank. The trigger bounced on me for a good 8 or 10 shots and suddenly the thing was shooting more snow than paint. What paint did make it out was falling before it crossed the yard or was curving in some very odd paths. Once warmed up again it did fine until it started snowing again. I think I'll be adding a stronger spring to mine to help tame this bouncing action when the gun cocks each time. It's all but impossible to avoid geting at least one or two bounces.

But it DOES feel nice in the hand and shoots well. And I've got an air bottle coming now too.... DAMN that ebay temptress......

PS: and just another example of why ebay should not be allowed to tempt us from our money. I'm just waiting on delivery of a Piranha EVO with eyes and the upgraded reg coming in. Again I was the only bidder on this marker. $99 US plus shipping. Figured I'd add this in here as it's a Spyder clone and there's no PMI section...

Side by side pics and review to come.....
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