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Originally Posted by Kindred View Post
Eh, I'm a cocker fan, but not impressed w/ this one. Kinda like a ford pinto with every available bit of chrome and bling bolted onto it.

internal pump rod is kinda neat though.
The Pinto was a damn fine automobile. Once they got that whole "explodes when you back into a curb" thing straightened out, anyway.

The internal pump rod is a unique addition, but better still would be eliminating the pump rod altogether and mounting the ram "side-saddle". Then, they could build the 3-way and LPR into the body, get rid of the cocking rod and back block. Or, they could just buy a ****load of Blazers and slap WGP "gems" on 'em. What? Like a little family business like Palmer's is going to sue a big, bad sporting equipment juggernaut like K2!?!?
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