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LI is going to slap me when he sees me for selling this one...

Only picture I have of the gun by itself... and its a picture of a picture.

This picture was taken big game 98/99 around there... And this is how I used the gun but there was more too it.... Yes. Its a stock class bushmaster, The back story behind it was the kid I traded a sniper to for it's father was a Navarone guy. This gun specifically was shown off in the the imfamous navarone add in its other form... DF grey body with navarone engraving on the sight rail and grip frame. The stock class body was somewhat of a colaberation between SI and Carter, he got a blank feedless body and had it sent over to carter for the SC feed tube.... It was pretty neat the front flipped open for some reason. It also had a carter stock , funky angled bolt on 45 frame, Carter barrel and a set of carter internals as well......................

Well.... come 2k, I traded it off on POG for a Squall which I hated and regretted trading for in the first place. Some of you may remember the adds on which I was trying to sell the thing where I had it on my drill press with a hole saw chucked up and the squall underneth.... Any way.

Ill never get this gun back, and Ive been looking for it for 2 years even contacting POG mods to back search if possible for any leads....... If some one here is hiding it Ill make it worth your while.

The irony.... The sniper I traded for it surfaced 2 years ago with a church group guy owning it he got it from some kid that went to his church that was moving.......... That kid was the kid I got the gun from in the first place! So I bought the gun back and the sniper is back in the family on my wall-o-snipers.

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