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as mentioned earlier, if you get a 3.5 oz tank make sure it only gets 3.5oz fills.

I was playing a scenario in Illinois and went to get CO2 fills on my tanks and I didn't say anything other than "fill these up for me" and "please"
About an hour later the game is started and while walking to the HQ the burst disk blew out on the 3.5 that I had on my MKX launcher. So I turn around and head off field to get it fixed. When I take it to the fill station I asked the guy for a fresh fill after just having replaced the burst disc. Sure enough, I get back out to the base, set my MKX down to start filling out a mission card and i hear its burst disc pop again and vent again.
Now i'm ticked, I go back to the fill station and find out that the guy had been giving it 4oz fills the whole time. Since I was out of burst discs the air jockey that had been over filling it scavenged a new burst disc from a rental tank of theirs. He was really apologetic, but now I just know that unless I'm filling it myself I always clearly state to the fill station personnel the exact amount that the tank can hold as i hand it to them.
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