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Yep, the back portion of the stock is welded together.

The bar coming off the Ironman bushmaster pump is a tactical grip. It comes off at a 45 degree angle and is pretty bad arse. Also gun belonged to Rick Cendejas (sp?.) He was an old Ironman player. It also has a plastic insert in the pump for smooth sailing and a brass Line SI hammer. Also, the body is nicely polished and the barrel has SI engraved on it very nicely.

The Blue Kit Kat Bushmaster was supposedly milled by Vu. I wish I knew some more history on it. It's Kit Kat name come from where Kampfer picked it up for me. He had to meet a dancer at a strip club for it. It is also Left Feed and has the newer style 45 frame with the older style body.

I used that pointman as my main pump for several years with a stainless J and J and it's a very nice shooting gun but now I prefer to shoot my palmer's pumps. I think in the picture it has a lapco barrel. The bushmaster underneath it has a lapco frame and both have lapco internals.
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