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Back In Stock! Vintage Brass Eagle Seal Kits!

Several people have contacted me over the last year asking about these and I just couldn't get them. Now I have a few on hand.

This kit is the cup seal (White rear seal that is usually the culprit) and the front teflon O-ring (The tiny little o-ring that fails if you remove the valve) and the metal washer that sits on top of that o-ring (which is often a rusty mess). These kits don't include the other O-rings, however all of those O-rings can be found in hardware and plumbing stores.

Kits are $10 each and will work on Nightmares, Jaguars, Cobras, Barracudas. All of which share a common valve. Shipping for any quantity of kits is $4

Please e-mail me if you are interested in these kits.
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