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Originally Posted by aqua_scummm View Post
Maybe he had a couple Deuces sitting around, and doesn't know what they are? Or even other nasties. I would have at least asked for pics first.
Ok, You guys are making me feal bad. As I re-read his quote, the only wiggle room I will give is that he has "Similar" guns. I original took that as two nasty hurks...

Maybe he has two nasty typhoons or two dueces...

Personally I think he has jack-squat. But I'm willing to admit I might have been quick at the draw. I still think he's a crook, but might just be un-informed.

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Originally Posted by Marauder_Pilot View Post
It will eventually get to the point where you're living in the back of a '78 Oldsmobile with a trunk full of the finest paintball gear known to man.
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