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Mystwulf Feedback

Hello! If you are here you’ve either bought from me, sold to me, traded with me, or are considering one or more of the aforementioned transactions. Please leave me feedback here in as much detail as possible so that others may benefit from knowledge of your experience. I’ve been burned before taking gambles on unknown sellers and it is a very unpleasant experience I do not wish on anyone. Likewise, I’ve taken a risk on someone who sounded sincere and was obviously trying hard to be straight forward and trustworthy, and it has paid off huge in the form of great deals on equipment I’ve come to love and use every trip to the field or woods. I try very hard to be honest and reliable in everything I do and hope to have positive, mutually beneficial transactions with everyone I meet here so thank you for your feedback and I hope to deal with you again soon.

Sincerely Ryan, AKA Mystwulf

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