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When it comes to abs, if you want to see a 6 pack you have to lose the fat before you will see any results. No amount of crunches or other exercises will give you the visual results you want if you still have a layer of fat over the muscles. The reason runners have good definition is not because running builds better definition, but because running burns off the fat which covers the muscles. With that said though, you still need to work the muscles. So work them AND lose the layer of fat that covers them.

As for me…

In the winter I don’t do much cardio, but I do lift weights. I have a home gym (complete with universal style machine, free weights, and bike with arm movement) so I don’t have to go anywhere to keep in shape. My workout routine changes with time though so I don’t get in a rut. But it usually consists of stretching, 60 pushups straight to warm the muscles, 100 situps straight to warm the muscles, then I hit the machine and free weights. I like to break up my muscle groups into a 3 day workout cycle with a day off between the 3 days. The actual workouts vary as do the weights for each.

Folks need to remember to stretch AFTER working out as well.

And now that it is warm again I walk as well. My youngest loves riding her bike when I walk. So I walk 4 miles every day (brisk) in the summer at least 5 times a week. I am doing only 2 miles now about 3 times a week only because I am busy.

I also drink Designer Protein to supplement my intake of protein and calories. And I have “Dad’s snack” set aside to give me a calorie boost in the afternoon between meals. For those I shopped around and found that normal snacks give you more for less as opposed to buying “workout” foods. You just have to read labels and the nutrition information on the items.

Each of us have different needs though, so it is good to read what everyone does but keep in mind that each person has to tailor their workouts to THEIR needs.
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