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Originally Posted by AmericanPaintball View Post
I will say the left feed body went for less then expected, but congrats on the purchase. I cringe at the thought of hearing chop up on them older bodies as I was worried thats what would happen. I was going to be sending a few more over to ebay, with that statement is scarey moreso as I hope they go to someone who will restore them, I guess you purchased them and you can do what you want with them, just hope they get put to good use.
Oh I'm not going to chop it up. I changed my mind. I think I've decided I want a SHO anyhow. I've actually already gotten a few pms about them, so at least 1 will go to a good home, and maybe I'll build up the other. I'll save my chopping for something that wouldnt make me feel bad if I screwed up :-p
Originally Posted by SuperHiQuality87 View Post
And reading the yammering going on between the members? I think the sole purpose of PBN is to just make everyone @ MCB (and the pog, phog, pgpog, etc) feel better about themselves. It never ceases to amaze me that people can be that stupid.
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