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1) Teams competing in the league will meet once a week (preferably during the week) to play a series of "matches" over the course of the "season". If 6 teams are involved in the league, the season would be 6 weeks long allowing all teams to play each other at least once as well as allow for a "finals week".

2) "Matches" will consist of as many individual games as possible that will fit in an allotted time period of around 45 minutes. In other words, Team A will play Team B in a match for 45 minutes straight with short breaks between each individual game. This allows for an ENTIRE DAY'S worth of tournament play to be accomplished within that short time span. Transfer time of switching fields, rechronographing guns, and switching teams is drastically reduced to next to nothing. The initial league will consist of approximately 6 teams, all allowed to participate by invite only. With this "match" style of play, all 6 teams could get an entire day's worth of "tournament style" play accomplished in a total of 3 hours!! This would allow for minimum occupation of the field on which the league was playing on for the day or evening.

3) Central to the theme of this league is that it is a league for the players and by the players. Referee obligations will be performed by the teams participating in the league. If 3 matches are scheduled for the evening, one of the teams participating in any of those matches will be scheduled to ref either the match preceeding or following their match. League participants will pay only ACTUAL COST (ie field fees) to play and all money will be collected at the BEGINNING of the season to ensure that teams consistently attend. By collecting money at the beginning of the season we also hope to be able to guarantee a field for us to play on every week for approximately 3 hours on whatever day/time the fields are available.
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