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I know what you are saying Sam about the online bit.. But honestly... I'd LOVE to just buy stuff online, and then drive over and pick it up say a week later.

Not drive all the way there... find out they DON'T have what I want... and leave empty handed, and just buying online anyhow.

They would get a LOT of sales that way. People will buy there, just to save on shipping. And pick it up a week or so later, next time they were there.

Or sometimes if I'm fixing a gun, and just need to have that part. I can buy it, and pick it up. Or look online and see that they don't have it, and save my butt the time driving.

I honestly think they're missing a big market that way. And if not big, then just me

They have open source (read: Free) programs to do this.. heck Palmers is running one right now for their store. It's free!!!

And it would just be some labor/time to input and keep it up, but once running, inventory shouldn't be that difficult.

... Wow... just ranting here... Time to go...
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