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Originally Posted by Chaos View Post
Two things would help her in this instance,allowing BYOP or stop storing the paint in the improper location.I find the only time their paint is any good is right at around the middle of the season after they've restocked and finally used up the leftovers from the prior season.
You'd see hell freeze over first. Cynthia's business has thinned out mainly because of her Draconian FPO policy, and the "Paint Nazis" she sends out every weekend searching for off-field paint.
It's even worth it to bring a 10 stick of off-field paint and waste someone with it to see them in action.
The "Our insurance doesn't allow off-field paint" excuse just doesn't cut it with me anymore. Hell, even Canobie allows BYOP now, and the list keeps growing. Look at the CROWDS at parks like Fox4, Camp Paintball and the like. They all have EXACTLY the SAME insurance carrier, and you can BYOP.
And to top that, they sell SEVERAL BRANDS at what you'd pay for it on line or at any decent proshop. Brands you can RECOGNIZE too, not Wal-Mart/Dicks/Modell's/K-Mart mystery cheapo brands that you've never heard of.
Don't get me wrong, I love Adventure Games, the park and people are GREAT, but I'm voting with my feet on this one. I want these things when I go to a park:

3)No "SLAM FILLS" that cook my HPA tank.
And I won't return until I get them, I can get them elsewhere, with less of a drive.
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