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Pistol Play

As I posted on a couple of other forums so I shall post here. (mostly because I am bored)

Well over the weekend of May 17th I had a chane to try out my new pistols. I had ordered a T68 and a Zues G1+ but due to a out of stock on the T68 I was offered a Ariakan Overlord and holster instead. So here I am with a Zues and an Overlord and 2 right hand tactical holsters. Huh Luckily My buddy happened to have 2 holsters that I snaged. Simple belt style not the leg drop style but they where right and left so they worked great.

Now to the game intel.

The Overlord had a bit of problems accepting any but the BE brand 12grams other then that I had a velocity issue. It did not want to crono down under the field limit. Agian luck worked in my favor. It seems that by backing out the screw in knob all the way and removing it the velocity droped to a scant 3fps under the feild limit. Yaay I didn't have to cut a spring.

After this I cronoed the Zues. I will admit I was worried. I have heard all about how Zues pistols come out of the box shooting hot. Strangly enough I had to dial it in to raise the velocity to get it up to playable levels. Other then that isue I did have one ball break. After a quick strip down between games showed that the lithuim grease I used becouse I was out of oil had "frozen" it turned tacky and thick and basicly gunked up the gun. After a quick but decent cleaning and a lube with some oil I found at the very bottum of my gear box she was good to go.

During play I had a great time. I ran with just the 2 pistols, only breaking out the mag for 2 games total. I spent the bulk of 8+ hours pistoling it. I can attest to 5 confirmed "kills" and a number of assists. For some reason I was intimidating the other side. Grin At one point the refs mixed up the sides and I got to face off agianst half my team mates. Couple of great shots in the following two games as a result.

Shot number 1 I was on top of a hill and I notice my team mate "Pretty Green" at the bottum of a hill pretty much out of range. He fired off a few shots and they fall well short. So here is Pretty Green at the bottum of a some what steep hill waving at me. Well Gravity, a tail wind and luck conspirde with me. I squeeze off 2 shots. 1 goes wide the other hits him in the gut. Unfortunatly it doesnt break but he freaks and scuttles back out of range. The game ended before I could follow him.

Shot number 2. I was at the very bottum of the afore mentioned hill in a creekbed when I notice my teammate Nightmare up at the very apex of the hill to my left. He is hunkered down behind some tires trading shots with some guy on my side on another hill on the opposite side of the creek. I fired off a few shots and missed. I move a little closer only to find both pistols out of air and paint! I had forgot to reload between games I was having such a good time. Well I fumble with tub holder ( a cops911 leg drop tac style) and find I am out of paint totaly. So I reload both pistols with fresh 12grams stand up and yelling at the top of my lungs start firing air at him. He is so zoned in on the other guy he totaly ignores me. He didn't even know I was there!

Well I decide to sneak up the creek and see if I cant barrel tag /surrender him. I am sneeking along in the mud when WAM i notice a cigartube I had droped. Best has Paint! WOOT. I load up pop a fresh 12 in my Overlord and sneak a little closer. 1 shot later he jumps striaght up in the air yelping. Yep I shot him in the arse from about 12 feet away while being directly below him. Just missed his wallet and got the flesh of his butt.

Game ends shortly after. Unfortunalty for me I got cocky and poped my head over the creek bed to look for another victum and got goged from 5 feet. It appears I had startled another guy on the oposite team.

All in all I loved shooting my pistols and have found a new style of play for me, and since my shoulder is permantly impaired from surgery I can not throw grenades like I used to. I am now a Pistoleer (sp?)and loving it!
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