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That black 04 is worth the very maximum any pump cocker can really be worth. Some bodies are worth more but very few. Being black broadens the appeal. Being undrilled gives it actual value. Drilled for eyes reduces the value by 100 dollars easily and usually more - it just depends on the individual buying but the price plummets significantly.

04's are worth a lot more than earlier j2's.

Id say you could pull 4-500 dollars for the black one. I had an almost brand new red 04 j2 and i think i sold it for 400 or something like that. It was the most beautiful gun I ever owned. I usually prefer black stuff but the pretty pretty red body with polished clear anodized parts was absolutely the best looking gun ive ever beheld.

300-380 for an earlier j2.

300 for an earlier j2 with eye holes.

The price will go up on those eventually. People hardly know about cockers but more and more people are learning about CCM...which will lead them to J2's of all types being a cool rarish gun.
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