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One of my favorite things to do with those old rams is polish their internals. Chances are, that ram is quite smooth and needs no work, but if it seems to drag, it's worth taking apart and polishing. Polish the shaft as well since it rides in a seal and can cause friction. I polish the internal "barrel" of the ram with a modified piece of wooden dowel with a slot in it to hold different grits of emory cloth....going progressively finer from about 500 grit to 1000 grit or more. The final polish I do with titanium oxide polishing compound and a cloth gun swab of the appropriate diameter. Believe me, I've made these old things work better than the aftermarket high end clippards and such. Belsales used to do similar things to their customs..they matched and polished parts to get ultimate today's times, it's almost a necessity to make the most of what you can find for these old gems.

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