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Reb-line auto trojan

Just as I promised some great photos of a "WORKING" REB-LINE TROJAN.

It took a bit of tinkering but here she is in all her glory.

This is one cool little unit. I have it set up on a pre-90 snub Line SI Bushmaster Deluxe (Cudos to Walker for making this possible). Complete with Lapco adjustable bolt and fluted hammer, 8 inch SI Barrel, w/ a true SI 45 frame.

It took about an hour to get it all going but in the end it came out fantastic.

As you can see it was designed with the player in mind. You can sight right down the pipe with you mask on.

The trigger linkage actuates the super long 3-way type device which cycles the unit to fire then cock. Its a killer crisp trigger pull.

By adjusting the holed cap screw it allows you to get the pressure just right.

As promised the best use of a rubber band since popping you wife on the arse. Just fantastic.

Note the linkage lever sits behind the modified SI trigger which is angled.

Ok here is the skinny the unit cycles well, not fast but it is a true semi-auto. I my opinion it is an auto cocking work of old school paintball art. I am amazed this didnt just fly off the shelves back in the day. I think it was bad timing rather than a bad product. Thus far I can get one ball per second and think I could get 2-4 with some tuning. I feared the trigger pull would be a monster but when gassed up this was simply not the case.

I know this is nothing by todays standards and auto triggers can run circles around that. This unit allowed the player to put a good volume of paint down range accuratly which is darn difficult pumping wildly on auto trigger. It does what it was intended to do and that was turn your nelson based pump into a semi auto marker before either Tippmann or the PMI III ever came along.

My only question is what ever happened to this guy and how many of these are sitting in someones workshop all but forgotten. If I were reviewing it for its age and time I would have to give it a full 5 Llamas.


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