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Ok I'm in. I like helping people anyway.

Here is what I have to give:
2-VM 68 barrels in fair shape (ugly homemade paint job I didn't do it)
1 Sent to Big Old School
1 sent to SuperHiQuality87
4-40 round ammo boxes
2 Sent to Wycke
1 Sent to Lenny
1 Sent to ruleyoutoo1911

1 Home made VM valve tool without the hole drilled for the valve stem
a few VM parts that I don't remember right now (some internal stuff)
Some KP2 springs (again I have to look and see what I have) be specific as possible
1 Air Power M-16 grip with a little dab of paint ( I think) on one side. I'm only going to let this go to a Vector owner. It does have the bolt and the little cover on the bottom.Sent to John Satclaire
What I need:

A5 stock end Cap (gun traded and Mekelson's gift was lost in the mail. He gets credit in my book anyway.)
Some kind of expansion chamber I can use on a VM
A stock class stick feed for 7/8 feed
Green caps for 10 rnd tubes Got them Thanks Wycke

I'm with Wycke 2 items per customer please!
Paintball is fun!
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