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I received the green backblock from Lenny and have the following available to whoever might need them:

Phantom SC feed block (black - just the plastic piece, no screw or feed tube) > gone to Shockwave
Daisy red-dot sight
Assorted ProLite parts (hammer spring, guide pin, detent, cocking knob, other o-rings)
ANS Mini ram and permanently-attached pump rod (I believe it's missing one or both barbs, but I think I've got spares I can throw on it)
Stock 2k-something WGP ram and permanently-attached pump rod (someone's motto must have been "in Loc-Tite we trust")
2x replacement "sock holders" (used in Phantom SC feed tube caps, as well as other SC guns)
10 each orange and black "speed caps" for 10-round tubes > the 10 black speed caps gone to d4rksabre
1 metric butt-load of green caps for 10-round tubes

Please e-mail me with requests and be sure to include your full mailing address. Maximum of 2 items per person (speed caps - set of 5 = 1 item; green caps - set of 10 = 1 item).

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