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Here's a shot of the three markers I tested out and played with yesterday.

Since this is the Kingman forum I put the Pilot at the top of the shot... The next one down is my new EVO with eyes. Then there's the lowly Piranha R6 that I originally got with the idea of making it into a pump. But I'm having so much fun with this one that I'm thinking I'll need to score another R6 for the mod.

Both the Pilot and the EVO felt much the same in use with the EVO feeling a touch heavier in the hands until battle was joined and then the few extra ounces were forgotten. Both can rip out a line of paint easily even for my non walking fingers and neither chopped a single ball all day. I went through 500 Draxxis X in play and testing. The R6 only ate up probably 100 to 120 of this at most. The rest passed through the two Emarkers.

As you see it here the R6 got a Smart Parts Linear 14 inch barrel on it and a 12 oz bottle. I'ts actually very light with excellent balance pretty much right on the grips. Very "rifle" like without the vertical bulk that the other two have when the HPA bottle and hopper is mounted up.

All three are great fun but in totally different ways with the Pilot and EVO being obviously similar more so than the R6. All three in the form you see in the pic are able to put the balls within a 12 inch circle at 120'ish feet. This fact came from shooting at the upper part of one of the narrow tree trunks between games. Good paint obviously makes a huge difference but there's no doubt that the barrel also counts for a LOT.

The R6 as shown is a better woods ball marker thanks to being lighter and slimmer but either of the two Emarkers is a wonderful way to lay down a sheet of paint to keep heads down. As I play more I'll figure out which one I keep picking up more and decide which ends up being sold to a more appreciative home.

I got my face mask a bit too close to the cocking bolt of the R6 at one point and got a BAP for it. I like the R6 setup as shown that I'm planning on making up or getting the slotted cocking pin similar to the one in the EVO. At the same time I'm looking at making up a delrin bolt to help lighten up the reciprocating mass and reduce the kick.

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