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Originally Posted by hichucho View Post
I'd have to agree with Cunha. A drilled J2 body is a failure. Why would anyone want to drill a J2?

I am not saying I wanted it drilled. I wish I could find one that was NOT drilled. Every single one I have seen has been drilled. If you want to make it a pump, you need to live with the 2 holes or make a little cover for them. I think CCM released them that way so that they could go the Eblades easier and the customer didnt have to worry about drilling them and messing them up.

In a perfect world, I would want a 04 J2 body with no eye holes and S6 detents. I have S5s and an SS-25 and I like the wires but I have not had any troubles with S6 and those little covers are cool IMO.
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