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Wonderful day Sunday, sunny and warm.
Got to use my new Vector and loved it, my son used it most of the day so I had to pry it out of his hands.
Only had 8 of us but every game was a blast.
First game of the year and I of course blow my hamstring (which I did the summer before last real bad and has given me problems since) chugging for the snake, make it and end up getting my buddy with my Phantom against his Blackhearted Nerve.
Limping alot at work today of course, but was well worth it.
Also ended up crawling about a hundred yards through a creek, mud/marsh, prickers, and some mushy apples to get behind the other team during the woods ball game. Ended up getting three out of the four including my son again with my Phantom.
Was a great first day of the 06 paintball year. We all had a good time and had all type of playing take place, from pistol only players to pump to Timmy and Vector. Also let the landowners son use my Stoker all day and supplied his paint and air, it's nice to have someone with land and that doesn't mind you dumping off barrels and hundreds of pallets all last summer and building a western town and bunkers and forts. So we like to do all we can for him and his sons when every they want to play, plus he cooks great food for us all the time too. And no you guys aren't invited. Just kidding, anyone close to Lake Erie is welcome to show up whenever we have a game.
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