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THe charts arent based on 12 grams, the second has the fill thrown into the mix. And yes at 60*F a 12 gram (unopened/new) will have 732.7psi in it and around 970psi at 80*F. that is if there is in fact liquid in the 12 gram, at some point all the liquid will have boiled off and the pressure, while it still will increase some, will not increase as drasticly as if there still was liquid in it, this is where the second chart comes into play more so than the first.

Upon further thought, a 12 gram might not be at those pressures at those temperatures. I need to do some tests before I can fully answere these question, but in order to do those tests I need to build a test chamber and some other stuff. It will take 2-3 months to get it all done in my spare time, but I'll make a few 12 gram specific charts. Air density might also have an effect, but Im not shure I'll be able to measure the effect or not. Well see.

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