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Oh woops, that was put in the wrong thread, wasn't there recently another thread about 12g efficiency? My post wasnt even really related to this post.

My opinion is that Vertical gets more consistency, so if you could mount a vertical 12 gram right onto the valve, much like how a CCI dropout valve has the 12g feed right into it, you would get killer efficiency.

According to Doc Nickel, if you run a Semi off liquid for winter use, you'll get slightly fewer shots per tank. Of course you have to factor in weather, but I think this helps show that using liquid is less efficient.

Another thing to note that as CO2 gas, it just expands. As a liquid, it has to change phases and expand, which leads me to believe it would take *very* slightly longer, but if it does take longer, then some liquid might be left after the ball is shot, doing nothing except wasting air.

Take all this with a grain of salt though: I'm in my third year at a 2 year college
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