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Nice pistol story.

Up until recently, when the twibs started showing up in force, I spent a few days playing speedball with my core zx. 40 or so rounds per game, good teammates, and some creative movement is all you really need to win with a pistol. The teammates are a necessity in speedbal though. A lone or poorly supported pistoleer against three or more high ROF players is a survival exercise to say the least.

I'd encourage anybody to try it once, whatever they play. It's surprising how much more maneuverable and fast you are with only a little bit of gear. In fact, you may find yourself getting more people without firing a shot if you play in the woods, since it has been my experience that people are more willing to surrender to a pistoleer due mostly to fear and surprise, and that barrel tags are much easier to achieve due to your lighter presence. Also, as Tal noticed, people do give a little extra respect to those who play pistol because it's different and it requires skill. And you can carry more than one if you need the extra firepower or you just don't like to reload.

If I keep buying pistols I'm gonna need a vest like this.
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