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On the one hand, I see the need for grassroots response to government when the people are not happy with what is happening. That is pure democracy.

I am, on the other hand, getting SO FED UP with all the partisan whining and "sky is falling" rhetoric that I am hearing from those that feel that the recent elections are a portent of utter doom. It is the same as all those A-hole celebrities saying they were going to move away from the U.S. if the other side won the last election.

Why do people allow themselves to be so partisan and hateful in our national political circus? It is just so much brainwashing and the response is no different than drunks who get into fights in bars over who is the best quarterback or kids bickering on PBN.

Get OVER it!

Concentrate on the issues that are important to you and your community and let those people in "power" know how you feel, but give the political fanboyism a break. They are all a bunch of scumbag politicians until their individual behavior proves them to be otherwise.

If the ban on BB guns is something that you with which you disagree, sound off! Write them letters and watch all politicians carefully. If you leave the sloganeering out of your statement, you will avoid being classified as just another partisan fanatic.

All that said, the fact that the lawmakers want to ban BB guns in Mass. is a sure sign that the BB gun industry is on the wane. Otherwise the same lobbyists that protect all the other money in the U.S. would have paid all these guys off already.

Imho, these bans (assault weapons, BB guns, fireworks, drugs) do nothing less than increase the sales and profits of the industries that make the proposed banned items.

Consider the notorious assault weapons ban for example. Talk of the upcoming ban sent weapons sales and prices skyrocketing. Every gun store I frequent did bumper crop business as they sold high capacity mags and guns with bayonet lugs like gold bars.
Every American who wanted an assault weapon bought as many of them as they could afford. Those who did not want one, but thought their children might bought guns, etc. It was a gold rush for everyone associated with the assault weapons industry.

Then, when the beauty of the sunset on that law, the bottom dropped out of the market. It was already flooded with all those trying to sell their extra AW's and then we suddenly had 1200 little shops jump out of the wood work to make AR's, etc.

If anything, banning BB guns will bring about a rennaisance of BB gun interest and then, when the ban expires, the same glut will occur.

In America, the best way to stimulate considerable consummer interest is to ban a product or concept.

We just can't get enough of that funky stuff.

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