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I know very little about camcorders, but I'm learning. I'm into SONY right now.

I have my Sony Handycam DCR-HC26
It's not the best of the bunch, but it does what I want to. Download to my harddrive, etc.

It's still a mini-DV, meaning that you record digitally onto tapes. I still like the tapes of the the harddrive as I can remove a tape and throw another one in.

A tape for my paintball junk, one for the kid, one for the wife... ahem...


I DID want a better camera, and just purchased a DCR-HC65

Here is the auction I just won.

I was FINE with the older one, BUT, it was not compatible with my helmetcamera, as there was no input jack. I mean... WHY do you want to record onto a camcorder? I understand... So I'm buying a new camera for that, and with my two tripods, I'll use the other camera for other angles!

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