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Autocockers are FINE guns. I love them. And as the price range of those guns are now-a-days, you really can't go wrong.

Stay mechanical, and you'll get a great gun for a steal!!!

Don't worry too much about swing triggers, and front blocks, etc, etc. Find something that looks good to you, and you're going to enjoy looking at and using.

Single trigger or double trigger? Me... I prefer single, but that's me.

Blazers are nice, but twice the money that some of the autocockers go for right now. AND there are a TON of aftermarket parts if you come to find out that, that is the gun for you.

Everyone has their opinion, and if you gave me the choice of a blazer or an autococker, then yes, I would take the Blazer... But you need to assess your situation, etc.

But the Autococker is still my all time favorite gun. I still have my original one I purchased back in 1992.

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