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I'll say something that I don't think anybody here has mentioned yet. If you are willing to buy used, you can get an Autococker that cost $1000 (or more) a few years ago for around $300 now. It is these older cockers that are the real gems.

That aside, those that mentioned the higher maintenance that cockers need are speaking the truth. It is a marker you will need to tinker with once in a while. An autococker was the first semi that I purchased new as a teenager, and the relationship did not go well at first and I sometimes wished I had kept my Tippmann at the time (this was back in 1995). But, once you are accustomed to their wants and needs they make excellent markers.

Edit: I see dstud2000 mentioned the market for older high-end cockers right above me. Also, for clarification, I don't want to disuade anyone for trying a cocker. I am basically a cocker man myself, I own two of them as well as a PPS Typhoon.
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