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I have wiped pleanty of times. After the game is over. The only time I wiped during a game was when I was running towards an opening in the castle wall.. and the ref told me to stop and spin around because he thought I was hit. As I was standing there... waiting for the ref to WALK his fat butt across the field... the guy on top of the building got bored and shot me 5 times. 5 TIMES! The ref didnt say a word... he just laughed and told me to continue. The guy on top starts yelling about how I am supposed to be out. I yell back that the ref had me in Paintcheck and it doesnt count if your shot while in check. He started calling me names, and yelling about my team and yada yada yada.
So.. I wait until he is right in the middle of another rant... and I pop out and put a shot of 5 into the window he is in. 2 of the rounds hit him in the goggles and coat them. I yell that he is out...
He comes back with smeared goggles and more vulgar language about me cheating. As I am trying to signal the ref (who was not paying attention) he shoots me another 5 or 6 times, and doesnt stop until I start shooting him back. I wiped off the hits from him while the ref is still not even paying attention and continued playing. Afterall, I had not been hit.. legally. The guy comes out of the tower portion... really angry... with a freind. And they shoot me as I come around to grab the flag.

I packed my stuff and left after that. The owner didnt care about what happened... and I decided I wouldnt play with those people again.
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