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Gun show find -- California Cobra

Was at the gun show today, and something caught my eye from two aisles over. All I could see was two tubes and a pump. I figured it was a LB Puma or Nightmare which would have been cool enough, but I rushed over and got a closer look, and well....WOOOHOOOO!

California Cobra



On the inside of the pump, there are two BBs that slide along a milled channel in the body. I'm guessing it provides for a smooth stroke, and helps protects the body from wear.

The grip frame is actually three separate parts. The bottom piece is the only thing with a non-textured finish.

View of the bottom of the body with frame removed.

The internals:

The wood grips have some scratches, but no cracks, and the finish is still excellent. Also came with a nice camo holster.

Not interested in sending this one back out the door anytime soon, but anyone have a clue on the value?

Apparently the seller played back in the 80's early 90's and has a couple SMGs and possibly some other goodies that I'll be checking out later.
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