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Questions on KP's

Hello, I am interested in getting another pump marker. I have seen quite a few guys from Farmland (my local pump club) toting around KP2s.

I am interested in picking one of these (or its variations) up.

My knowlage and my questions are:

The KP2 runs off of one 12 gram with a 15 round feed tube correct?
The KP3 runs off of constant air (could it be converted for 12 grams?)
I don't know much about the K2.

I am looking for something that runs off of 12 grams (I maybe could go constant air, but I don't like it as much) and pump or lever action, or cocking like the BB guns where you pull the lever down under the trigger. I have seen these and they all look great.

If you have any info to answer or add to this that would be great.

I am looking at Stock Class Forums, here, and a few other random spots just to see how much they go for, but my understanding is that they are quite rare to come up for sale, and when they do they go fast.

Any help is much appricated.
Thank you for your time,

The other marker I have been looking at is the Pug as my PGP went down in the cold and I used that for the 10-ball game, I swear it shot magic paintballs.
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