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I apologize for the quality of the pics. I do have a decent camera just dont know how to use it

MPM PT-Stock with matching bottomline and a Eclipse cocker body, mmmmmm SPLASHY!

I bought that body used and abused. It had JB weld all over and it's drilled for F5 eyes (apparently it didn't work, feedneck came loose). Got it for 20$ shipping included

The Sniper II I talked about earlier
Going to give the raw parts a shine later on
And yes thats a Unireg

Felt like Dremeling. That used to be a P block, not sure if it fits the snipers look at all

Closeup of the serial #

Lotus body

Not a "real" cocker, well you all know what it is

I'll try to learn how to use that camera so you can feast your eyes instead of going like "uhhh whats that supposed to be"

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