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I got inspired by Wolf saying hes not interested in buying just a body but a whole marker....So you know I had to build one.

Has original eclipse internals, the gripframe I decided to use was a DYE slider. Hollow point 3-way, STO ram and a old style (long) palmer rock regulator.
Pics will follow after I've test fired her.

Now to figure out how to tighten the ASA since I have no tools for it.
Dremel's cutting wheel wont fit the inside of the asa and other tools will take forever (I would have cut a slot and taken it out with a screwdriver. I'm not interested in buying a socket set just for that one purpose, any suggestions? I tried pliers but no go

oh I added some pics to this thread on page two, check them out

Behold TeH pictars!

Shame I didn't have any red front pneumatics hose.
That ASA is still loose, if anyone knows a trick how to get it tightened let me know (please dont say, use a socket wrench )

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