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Originally Posted by ScrapIron
this might be a little out of the norm, but...

I can't really say I hate Jane Fonda.
she apologized, and has done so repeatedly, yes she did stupid things in the 60s, but seing as how I'm not a child of that era I can't really see myself holding a grudge against her when she's stated plenty of times how sorry she was.

I figure she's not really worth my time, to either love or hate.
After all, she never was a very good actress, and she's getting up there in years so if her apologies weren't enough then she'll pay the price when the Marines guarding the pearly gates declare "access denied Ms. Fonda"

Other than those views I don't really see much of a point to beating that dead horse.
I don’t “hate” her either. But I strongly disagree with what she did and continues to do.

Point of correction… yes she has “apologized” for her actions in the past. But she did so with qualifiers. And she continues to say the same things she said in the past. Like I said, I saw her on the Larry King show the other day and she said the exact same things she said back in the Vietnam era, and she expanded them to cover every military operation going on today. So how “sorry” she was is debatable. Do not confuse an “apology” with being “sorry”. More so when she continues the same type of actions and statements.
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