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If I get hit in a spot where I'd have to be a contortionist to check myself and no one else is there to check I'll just walk. Its not important enough to risk a reputation hit on.
I suppose I could take up yoga and then be able to perform a thurough check on myself anytime, but that would probably conflict with my beer gut.

Anyway, the part about the kid with the extra whippersnappers so he could change on the field when he'd get gogged, thats just insane. First insane for wearing whipersnappers (those might protect your nose and mouth, but so much for your temple, ears, chin, cheeks.)
If I saw that kid I don't think I'd play, or if he pulled that crap on the field while I was playing I'd kick him in the butt untill he'd leave, because that just shouldn't be tolerated. And the funny thing is that I'd be doing him a favor!
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