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Anyway, about the Whippersnappers. You have to remember this was 91 or 92, so there was no such thing as full head gear. Most of us were using PGPs, Splatmasters and TASO Spartans. He was spoiled and actually was the first one with a semi, a L7 Mag. We actually had to come up with rules capping his ROF. Guess we should sue the PSP for stealing our idea.

We were all friends, and knew he was the stereo-typical only child. Spoiled. We just viewed it as kind of a 'Manny being Manny' thing (look, a Red Sox reference coming from a devout Yankee fan). Heck, his parents gave him a $100 a week allowance for doing nothing. He also had a friend who paid him to hang-out with him, and he exploited that to the fullest extent. It was sad then, even sadder now. Within 5-7 years of HS graduation (1991), he was working on his 3rd divorce.

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