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I think that in big games like that... gun hits should not count. Each player is responsible for their own actions and control of themselves. I shoot in 3 round burst only when I have to.. and thats it. If it hits my gun... then I adjust so that the next one does not hit my body. IE.. what if you are on a wall, firing at someone and a ball hits your barrel but is not even close to hitting you? You shouldnt be out for that... and now you know where the paint is coming from and have a good idea of what the spread of the field is like. I think that being hit by a paintball helps you learn from your mistakes and become a better player. Now... being overshot sucks... but again... control over yourself and your equipment. (field should enforce this as well... I think anything more than 2 balls broken on someone is VERY extreme.. I dont care what the situation is)

But I do understand that in real life... gun hits are a bad bad thing.

I guess it depends on your style. Paintball guns will never be close to real firearms... it wont happen. As far as I am concerned... its the same idea as video games on TV.. they wont suddenly turn into real life creatures and eat your brains.

Paintball is a game, and eventhough it is fun to dress up in camo and run around with kind of realistic looking paintball guns.. they arent real.
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