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Originally Posted by Stuffy View Post
Cool pic. How was it playing in just eye protection but with semis?
I really preferred goggles-only back then.
Remember, nearly all tournaments were in the woods still. Even the pros.

So you usually were not "bunkered", or bonus balled like today. Generally, most hits were fairly far away, so the FPS ended up being lower, and usually a body shot.

And yes, when you were hit in the face, it almost always bounced, which was the whole point. Plus, the goggles never fogged, and you really felt much cooler in summer.

I played that way up until 1998 when just about every fields insurance started specifically banning goggles-only. Even by 1996, many fields started making me sign a special "Its your own damn fault if you loose an tooth" waiver.

Now, if I could only find a team photo...

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