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Originally Posted by D G
Should gun hits count in organized scenario play?

people tend to charge and keep shooting despite being hit, because they like to believe that paint is only breaking on their gun.
All equipment hits should count, simple rule to make the game safe and easier for all players to understand when you are out, what's next shoes? gloves? kneepads? goggle lenses?

I played over the weekend at a scenario game this was the most annoying thing I saw, hardcore players think it is acceptable to charge a player taking any number of hits and keep going to get that one kill.
I was above a red player on my side who was doing a great job of holding up the advance of a large number of blue players, one charged out on his flank got hit multiple times and kept going until he got the red player out. As soon as the red player put his arm up the blue player did the same, I guess he felt he got what he wanted from the move. This is blatant cheating and nothing else but, he gained some ground for the blue team, he gained alot of extra paintshots at him and if I find it on my video he (and his team) will also gain a negative reputation.

The best thing to happen to big scenario games is going to be the more common use of headcams, the more out on the field the more players will think twice about cheating. Being outed by your peers will certainly help reign in the idiots.
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