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Series 5 had an 86 degree slider trigger - Series 5 Basic has a basic .45 dergeee hinge.

S5 had a deluxe kit - S5B - Basic.

S5 had a hole drilled in the VRA - S5B was hole-less.

S5 had 'Series 5' and 'CCM' lazered in both sides. S5B had Series 5 Basic on one side.

S5 had a CCM lazer engraved feed band - S5B had Series 5 Basic engraved on the band.

S5 came with matchin barrel in .690 insert. S5B was barrelless.

S5 came with a delrin (farty) pin in the valve - S5B had an upgraded valve pin.

There are a few other screw dimension changes - but probably not worth mentioning.

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