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Field Name: Skirmish USA
Location: Jim Thorpe PA
Play Style: Mostly woods with structure fields(including 2 castles and a town type field), 2 hyper pipe fields and a few other speedball fields. I believe they have a set of inflatable bunkers they bring out during tournaments.
Local Tournaments: Yes
Big Games: Yes, annual scenario games
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Positive: 700+ acres and 50 or so fields, this place is huge with a bunch of different fields. Free Tippmann 98 rentals, many with n2 tanks. Free gun techs, you just pay for parts needed and some small ones they give you on the house. Free air/n2 on normal play days(air pass required during scenarios). Decent pro shop at fields along with hot food. Basic wooden lockers available to store extra gear, bring your own lock or buy one of theirs. Covered pick nick tables available and fires when it starts to get cold. Most facilities. Staff is friendly and works with you to fix issues that may arise. They do offer pump rentals if you reserve them in advance and are very specific about getting the Trracer pumps.

Negative: This place is huge, you could spend a lot of time walking from field to field especially on a busy day. On busy days you can spend a while waiting for the next field. There are certain areas with lots of mud including paths to and from main area, but if you expect to stay clean playing paintball your nuts. Paint isn't cheap and strict No-BYOP policy. The rental Trracers are buried most of the year only to see light a few times when pump only groups reserve them and even then the office staff may tell you they don't have them at all(lies!).

Wild: I got beat too, but mines better :P
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