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Well yesterday at Sac Pump Day, I took a nut-shot right off the break in my 1st game...

I have a scar similar to Brewt's on my right shoulder. About a year ago at the aforementioned SPD, one round it was down to me vs. Craig Palmer and his wife Mae. Craig was posted on me about 15' away to my right, and Mae's butt was sticking out of her bunker about 25' in front of me. She was still a bit new at this so I didn't want to shoot her in the butt but everytime I tried to snap-shoot Craig he'd auto-trigger his Houndstooth and keep me tucked. So I yelled 'Craig you better stop shooting at me or I'll shoot your wife'. That's when he jumped out from behind his bunker and sent one into my shoulder. Of course a tank-top doesn't provide much protection so for a few weeks I had a bloody ring on my shoulder that's turned into a circular white patch that won't tan.

Oh yeah, after he shot me he came over and said 'nobody threatens my wife'.
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