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Cool Cocker mod. (dig it!)

I'm really surprised that i've NEVER seen anyone do this before, but I have this nagging feeling that i'll be seeing is a little more after I post these pictures.


The stock had to be cutout from the inside and I had to open up the bottom to let the bottom of the frame through; that way, the accessory holes are still accesible. I countersunk the mounting holes on the stock as well, and got some really nice SS screws to to the job. I also countersunk the rear mounting hole on the gripframe, because otherwise it would dig into one's hand in a most uncomfortable way. That was also replaced with a really nice SS screw. I plan to contour the stock a tiny bit around the grip area because with my slightly bigger hands, I could still stand a bit more breathing room. Overall, It feels great! It's nicley balanced and goes with the rest of the marker quite well, I think. I'm also thinking about countersinking the beavertail screw eventually. Mabe.

I know, it's nothing that crazy, but it's still pretty awesome. Right? RIGHT?

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